Investing in a solar power system for your home means you will replace the generator poor quality electricity supply with free solar electricity and to save up to half of the electricity bill.

This provides a great return on the initial cost of the panels. You also protect yourself from rising diesel costs.


Our consultative approach to solar – including design, project management and installation – allows you to benefit from industry leading advice and delivery from the best experienced installer. We are here to ensure that your investment is treated with the respect it deserves to give you a recommended solution that gives you the best returns.

When you have a solar PV system installed at home, it will automatically feed the power you’ve generated to your appliances, so a lot of the power you use during the day will be free. During the night times, or if you use more energy than you produce, your power supply will switch back to the grid. You won’t notice any disruption or change – just smaller bills.

There are many factors that affect the price of a residential system, so please contact us today for a competitive quote for YOUR home and find out how much you could save every year with solar PV.

We guarantee our workmanship for 5 years, with most of our products carrying up to a 25 year manufacturer warranty.